Hammond Social Newsfeed

Concrete piers popping up for the bleachers in the new stadium. https://t.co/r5y70rEfS3
Building tours spark excitement! This is really happening! Amazing progress @HammondConst! Looking good! #greatatlake ⚡️ https://t.co/jU3nZyZzsm
When the rain stays away Motz makes some real progress. Seams almost all glued in. Infill early next week. Sparky is looking good! https://t.co/k4lWXTX14F
Time lapse video of the crane placing a 70 foot steel beam in the new Ellet High School @OHFacilities @GPDGroup @akronschools https://t.co/T1qSDPx461
Starting the week @OHFacilities with a LEED Silver School! Congrats Streetsboro CSD Elem. & project team. #297 @mygreenschools @USGBCOHIO https://t.co/3NiQtczuHW
Action shot of a crane dropping a 31,000 lb weight through dynamic compaction at the Harrison Hills K-12 site @OHFacilities @shp_leading https://t.co/KC1k7CPl1y
Only from 300 feet in the air can you see the massive size of the new North Olmsted 6-12 School, WOW! @NOCSFuture @OHFacilities @TDA_Smith https://t.co/AOpT6pKYJB
Great progress photos from the North Olmsted 6-12 campus, thanks @NOCSFuture ! https://t.co/tIYDt1j1XF
We joined Preschool Story Time at Lake Library for their "Build a Better World" series today! @OHFacilities @LakeLocalSD https://t.co/RKnNGLKZ8F
Community input is an incredibly valuable tool in the design and construction of our schools. @OHFacilities @shp_leading https://t.co/JL5e3A1laH
Friday afternoon pics of the new campus as seen from Butternut Ridge Road. Teachers -- start packing your books -- we move in one year! https://t.co/l8xXBf7lEm
Middle school students gathered on this beautiful day to sign beams for their future school! @Streetsboro_Sup @OHFacilities @FMDarchitects https://t.co/oxvDmw9Lo5
Hundreds of elementary age kids at @LakeLocalSD signed a 20' steel beam for their new school, I would say it was a great day! @OHFacilities https://t.co/CBV7MaaGAo
We are excited to get to work on @euclidschools new athletic facilities! https://t.co/k6x5zbX4Qd
"Standing Down" against falls in construction at the Lakeview PK-8 this week to discuss the prevention of falls. @LakeviewMS1 @OHFacilities https://t.co/o7Bd9okY4y
The old neighborhood is getting a new addition on Butternut Ridge. What a beautiful day for building the future. Go Eagles! https://t.co/QZFiq83V6t
Cheers to @LorainSchools on achieving LEED Silver for their new High School! 284th LEED school in Ohio @mygreenschools @ThenDesignArch https://t.co/UVjfq6Cakt
Staff, students & community members gathered this morning to celebrate a groundbreaking of the Lake 7-12 school! @LakeLocalSD @OHFacilities https://t.co/egzczosn7a
The transformation is just beginning for the new Lake Middle/High School project! @LakeLocalSD @OHFacilities https://t.co/N2JdRAAX2k
Thank you to Lake/Hartville Elementary for letting us share our story on "How to Build a School"! @LakeLocalSD @OHFacilities https://t.co/V5tteFO67g
It's not winter break for our hardy construction team - stop by and see the growth! https://t.co/5Ffnc9fbuM
A beautiful morning in North Olmsted to celebrate the groundbreaking of their new 6-12 campus! @NOCSFuture @OHFacilities @ThenDesignArch https://t.co/3vMEvyPdOi
A lot of memories will be made on this field, congratulations @StreetsboroHS @Streetsboro_Sup on a beautiful stadium! https://t.co/AigaD4NMqX
Boy Scout Troop 155 toured a Hammond job as part of their Architecture Merit Badge. Mentoring future builders & designers makes our job fun! https://t.co/Bnp2JaJgBC
We are grateful for the opportunity to build a better school for the Malvern community! @brownlocal @OHFacilities https://t.co/SHYnx5AZYF
The rockets are really going to take off in this new stadium! https://t.co/4rh3B7NGMn
We are excited to get started on Lakeview's new PK-8 building with @GPDgroup @OHFacilities! https://t.co/ghL6gQk4dd
Congratulations to @strongsvillecs and @OHFacilities as they welcome students into their new Middle School today! https://t.co/vTLc4aJNnc
We are proud to partner with Lakeview and @OHFacilities. Community stewardship is at the core of our client service. https://t.co/bbrv8KdA10
Congratulations to the MCESC and @MCCTC as they host a Grand Opening for their new building tomorrow! https://t.co/A6wwr2izNw
Strongsville City Schools is nearing completion of their bond projects, with an active summer of construction! https://t.co/xZsTmIgzo2
Hammond is looking to add a Project Manager to our team! For more details go to https://t.co/WjVKKIQz8F
Beam signing at Waite Elementary with Preschool through first graders! @Streetsboro_Sup @OHFacilities https://t.co/yU9e3VInXZ
An exciting day for Lake Center Christian School as they break ground on a new Cafenasium tomorrow! https://t.co/6kwn91dY1M
Facility Update Community Meeting 04/18/16 at 7:30 p.m. in the Performing Arts Hall of LHS https://t.co/pamaklNsJt https://t.co/rytrvISJE6
We love to get students involved! Hammond spoke with 2nd-3rd graders for Career Day. @Streetsboro_Sup @OHFacilities https://t.co/Vd7wH9zuqK
Hammond & @GPDGroup unveiled progress on the new Lakeview PK-8 school. Check out the latest here https://t.co/biEDvaVmqy
Congratulations to @BeaverLocal on the dedication of their #new K-12 facility! @HammondConst Olsavsky Jaminet https://t.co/HedZo5zxZS
Congratulations to @BeaverLocal and @OHFacilities as they welcome students into their new K-12 building on Monday! http://t.co/nDxgeTO3qo
An exciting day for @StreetsboroHS & @OHFacilities as they broke ground on their new High School & Elementary! http://t.co/P3DOwNBdzt
The new $72M Lorain High School is on budget and on schedule to complete in 2016! https://t.co/CFIgPeJROJ