Strongsville City Schools

Strongsville, OH

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“…the safety of students was paramount and their care and concern created a collaborative working relationship with our staff. Perhaps most surprising was their willingness to constantly make adjustments to meet our needs throughout the course of the work.  They worked through situations and always were serious about their responsibility. With the depth of their team, they never missed a beat. Hammond Construction is a reputable firm and we are pleased to say that they have earned our trust and appreciation for their commitment to excellence.” – Strongsville Citizens Review Committee

With approval of their bond issue, Strongsville City Schools has embarked on the first phase of their building program to improve the quality of schools. Hammond is working with the district as construction manager at risk to build a new 6–8 middle school and to make significant renovations to the existing Strongsville High School.  The new middle school will feature a community based learning environment.  Each community would include a central collaborative space, classrooms, labs and art rooms.  Project completion is expected for start of 2016-17 school year. The new middle school project is being built on a site adjacent to the existing middle school building. Careful planning was established and executed due to the adjacencies of many Strongsville residential homes. Hammond assumed a leadership role in the preparation and implementation of community meetings to keep them informed of the construction plans and to maintain a positive relationship with those neighbors.  All work is slated to complete by early 2017.

Square Footage: 192,554 SF (MS) and 339,000 SF (HS)