Hammond Construction

Akron Public Schools

Akron, OH

Garfield Community Learning Center

Hammond Construction is the construction manager at risk for Akron Public Schools to build a new Community Learning Center (CLC) for grades 9-12. The initial challenge on this project was the buy-in from the community to merge two rival high schools into one. The district worked with community to share their vision and new opportunities offered through the singular school. The new Garfield CLC will be a unique addition to the Akron Public School system with its design focused on their college and career academies. The academies dictate the type of spaces you create based on the field of study.  A few examples include advanced manufacturing, nursing and culinary arts. The school as a whole also embraces collaborative work spaces and student-centered learning concepts. The construction project was phased to first demolish the existing Garfield High School and track. The site was in close proximity to many residential neighbors. Hammond led the efforts to maintain lines of communication with all individuals surrounding the job site.

During my career with Akron Public Schools, I have been involved with over 30 significant building projects and have worked with several construction firms in that timespan. Hammond stands above the rest in terms of their integrity of service, successful planning, and implementation efforts. It has been a blessing and honor to have Hammond Construction as our building partner.”

– Dr. David James, Retired Superintendent


Quick Facts:


Akron, OH

Square Footage

260,278 sq. ft.

Highlights / Features

  • New High School for grades 9-12
  • College and Career Academies
  • Use of school artifacts from vacated buildings
  • Neighborhood engagement
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