Hammond Construction

Harrison Hills City Schools

Cadiz, OH

The Harrison Hills City School District had plans to repurpose a 50-acre abandoned mining site into a new, state-of-the-art K-12 school with expansive views of the surrounding hills and valleys.

As construction manager at risk, Hammond Construction partnered with the district to make their vision a reality. The project included:

  • New roadways
  • School construction
  • Playing fields

Preparing the Mine Site for Construction

Significant site work was required to stabilize the soils through the process of dynamic compaction. Once the soils were stabilized, the project continued for two years to construct the facility and surrounding athletic fields.

Inspired Design and Development

Hammond’s skilled workforce of tradespeople worked closely with the Harrison Hills City School District on the construction of the facility. The exterior design was inspired by the region’s rich coal mining history. Interior components were chosen to provide unique identities to each grade level with many warm wood elements and intricate design features.

A New Era of Education and Living

The building celebrated a grand opening in August of 2019, opening the doors to a new era of education for the students and teachers of the district. The new roadways and infrastructure also left room for a new housing development and continued expansion in the area.

Lastly, but not least, the carpenters you had on this job were nothing short of fantastic. Each carpenter, who was always going 90 miles an hour, was always looking ahead at issues to reduce lost time. While Hammond probably has had projects with lots of fine details, this project—a K-12 school—had some of the most detailed work I have ever seen, from PLAM under stairs, to casework/seat details, to laminated window framing, to locker surrounds. All of this work was completed with expertise and quality.”

“When a district is expecting to open at that time, everyone expects it. Few really know what it takes to complete a job of this size and make sure it’s completed on time. Your men did. I simply wanted you to know I applaud their work ethic and dedication to getting this job completed on time. I hope the school district appreciates all of their efforts in providing them with such a great looking educational facility. It would be a privilege to work with this crew anytime.”

– Doug Maggied, SHP Leading Design

Quick Facts:


Cadiz, OH

Square Footage

197,000 sq. ft.

Highlights / Features

  • Skilled carpenters bring unique design to life
  • Construction expertise creates usable space in abandoned land
  • New infrastructure allows for future expansion
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