Hammond Construction

KSU Aeronautics & Engineering

Kent, OH

Kent State University

Kent State’s Aeronautics and Engineering Building (AEB) is a new academic facility built as part of the University’s “Building for the Future” initiative. The two-story structure is located just yards away from the campus’ main power distribution duct bank. Careful consideration had to be taken to maintain operations throughout construction. The AEB building features multiple lab spaces including aeronautics, flight simulator lab, air traffic control lab, engineering labs, and a construction lab. The equipment for the labs were relocated from VanDuesen Hall to the new facility once construction was complete. In order to move the substantial equipment for the flight simulation and air traffic control labs, Hammond carefully planned many of the preconstruction activities in conjunction with the design team. Hammond’s efforts allowed for a smooth transition, maximizing efficiency, and controlling potential costs during the move.

Quick Facts:


Kent, OH

Square Footage

68,000 sq. ft.

Highlights / Features

  • Aeronautics labs and flight simulators
  • Construction and engineering laboratories
  • Challenging site logistics
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