Hammond Construction

Union Hospital Emergency Department

Dover, OH

When a hospital embarks on any new addition or renovation project, the experience and safety of patients and staff are a top priority. The site logistics plan must be thought through down to the last detail.

This was especially important to Union Hospital in Dover, Ohio. With plans to nearly double the size of its emergency department, the hospital selected Hammond as the construction manager at risk. The project included:

  • Emergency department renovation
  • Two-story addition
  • Helipad construction

Throughout the aggressive timeline, the hospital needed to remain fully operational with temporary entrances and a temporary helipad. Additionally, a full-scale infection control risk assessment (ICRA) plan would need to be implemented.

Construction Logistics

The project was divided into two phases:

  • Phase one involved the addition of a 43,000-square-foot, two-story structure. The new facility included 38 patient rooms designed to improve their operating efficiency and provide a better patient experience.
  • Phase two included a 12,000-square-foot renovation of the former emergency room patient entrance, reception and registration lobby, triage area, and other support space.

Patient and Staff Communication

The emergency room is always a critical entry and access point to a hospital. To maintain a positive patient and staff experience, Hammond worked with the hospital to provide clear communications and directional signage. This required a full understanding of staff needs and patient movements during all phases of construction.

Helipad Construction

The helipad had critical milestone dates and sensitivities that impacted other packages of contracted work. The landscaping package was modified to ensure that there would be no dust or debris in the air that could impact the flight patterns or operations.

Meeting ICRA Standards

Maintaining negative pressure in the construction areas is a critical component of meeting ICRA standards. Our team worked diligently to ensure that the filtered air was exhausted to the exterior throughout the renovation phases.

Hammond has always respected the unique responsibilities which are inherent in working in a patient care environment. Your company has shared our commitment to patient safety, infection control and operational continuity throughout our projects together. While hospital construction projects are always challenging, I feel that the strong working relationship that we have developed with Hammond has helped us to anticipate and mitigate those challenges.”

– Robert J. Craig, Vice President, Union Hospital

Quick Facts:


Dover, OH

Square Footage

55,000 sq. ft.

Highlights / Features

  • Site logistics planning to minimize disruptions
  • Clear patient and staff communications
  • ICRA planning to ensure patient safety
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