North Olmsted City Schools

North Olmsted, OH

Hammond Construction was selected as the construction manager at risk by North Olmsted City Schools and the OFCC to build a transformational new campus in the heart of the city’s historical district. The site of the new 6-12 building is located on the existing Middle School campus, in close proximity to many neighbors, school maintenance building and the existing high school campus. Hammond and the design team have conducted many community meetings to maintain lines of communication and feeback from residents. Prior to construction start, the existing middle school and stadium complex had to be demolished to make room for the new school. The future middle/high school will have separate entrances, but will have shared resources, including the kitchen and library. A performing arts center and new athletic stadium will also be included in the design. The stadium complex will be constructed south of the school, allowing students to utilize locker rooms within the new middle/high building. Tennis courts, baseball fields and athletic fields are also planned for the south end of the property.

Square Footage: 301,885 SF