Hammond Construction

Akron Zoo Grizzly Ridge

Akron, OH

Mike & Mary Stark Grizzly Ridge Exhibit

As construction manager at risk, Hammond built a new exhibit featuring bears, wolves, otters and aviary at the Akron Zoo. The project involved extensive site work, buildings and infrastructure improvements connecting the upper and lower portions of the zoo. This was one of the first projects under the State of Ohio’s new construction reform guidelines.

Stops along the trail offer visitors a close-up encounter with a range of animals that are currently or once were indigenous to Ohio. Unique materials such as natural timber, cedar planks, manufactured stone and specialized glazing were brought in from all over the United States. The heart of the expansion is the grizzly bear enclosure which is home to a pair of grizzly bear siblings. Their enclosure is roughly 17,000 square feet, making it the largest exhibit at the zoo, featuring a four-foot-deep pool.  Another highlight is the otter exhibit where visitors can view the otters both underwater and above-ground at multiple locations around the enclosure.

Quick Facts:


Akron, OH

Highlights / Features

  • New exhibit space for grizzly bears, otters and more
  • Aviary facility
  • Unique materials and sustainability initiatives
  • Challenging site conditions and logistics
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