Hammond Construction

Crestview Local Schools

Columbiana, Ohio

Crestview PK-12 School

Hammond is the construction manager at risk for the new Crestview PK-12 Campus. With funding from the State of Ohio and a local bond issue, the district was able to move forward with the construction of a new single campus school to replace their existing Middle/High and Elementary Schools. The construction site has very challenging logistics as the operating school is in very close proximity to the new construction. To accommodate the future building footprint, select portions of the existing middle/high school will be demolished. The existing performing arts center will be kept for future use by the district.

The new school features flexible learning environments, learning stairs and pod-style academic areas. There will also be a tiered performance and auxiliary gym, creating a unique viewing environment for spectators.

Quick Facts:


Columbiana, Ohio

Square Footage

182,000 sq. ft.

Highlights / Features

  • Occupied building site
  • New single campus school
  • Flexible learning environments and pod-style academic areas
  • Tiered performance and auxiliary gym
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